Hedge Your Bets questions

So I have had a few questions about my upcoming full length title, Hedge Your Bets.  OK mostly from people who know me but still….  Here’s some information and a teaser at the end!!!

When is this dang thing coming out already?  First you said October, then November….

I seriously apologize for my slacker tendencies.  I started a new job in July that really got busy the last month or two.  Yes I still have a day job while I’m writing, sadly the words do not feed me or pay the bills…yet.  I also get hit every fall when the sun is out less and less with a case of ‘I don’t want to do anything but sleep disease.’  It’s not fun and I get to the point where I am literally begging the time change to happen.  Other than that I have nothing to excuse myself…no kids, husband, major volunteer commitments…  OK enough rambling.

I am hoping to finish the book up in the next ten days and get it off the editor by December 1st.  Once editor gets it back, usually 10-14 days later, I will get this sucker out there for you!  Great prizes and contests to ensue…I think I remember hearing something about a designer wallet…. Oh!  I am such a tease!

What exactly is this thing about?

I’m so glad you asked!

Jessy Jones is a confident New York fashion stylist at the top of her game, ready to take a well earned vacation to Vegas.  She has her spot.  It used to be theirs…

Nathan Skye, a reformed con man, is more than happy to leave his past life behind him.  All except one thing.  Her.

Their worlds collide once more in the same place he left her last time; the city of sin.  And while the proud and cool Jessi is not interested in any sort of happy reunion, the world class scammer still has a few tricks up his sleeve to get her back.

Throw in a hot photo shoot, a marriage scheme, one sassy cougar, and a few priceless pieces of jewelry to the pot and you’ve got a bet high stakes enough to take more than one heart, or break them in process.

I’m a visual person, you got some pictures I could see for this book?

Why yes I do and you can find them at a board on Pinterest.  I’ve got my male muses board on there too if you need a little eye candy.😉  Please be warned however, if you don’t like to get an idea in your head of what the characters look like, then DON’T check this out.  Simple right?

Ooh, very nice Kim, now where’s the preview!?

Please note unedited so it may be rough.

Jessi punched the floor’s button on the elevator before she whirled around on him, her eyes almost glowing red she was so angry. “I cannot believe you of all people have the audacity to just show up back in my life. Ten years! And this of all weekends; what used to be our weekend. I deserve a break! I’ve worked my tush off and here you are just waltzing back in to ruin my…” he hit the emergency button and stopped the car, filling the small space with pulsing red light. Before Jessi could react Nathan grabbed her up and slammed her against the mirrored wall in a bruising kiss that had every bit of thought and anger flee from her mind.

It was completely and totally what she had missed about him, that all consuming passion. That feeling that she couldn’t breathe without his kiss.
She pushed back at him, burying her hands into his normally perfectly kept coif. He grabbed onto her ass, pushing her hard against his groin and groaned as she bit into his lower lip. It had always been like this, an inferno, a kind of five alarm fire, and were those alarms she heard in the air or just in her head?

Breaking off the kiss she looked around only to have Nathan push her into the corner by the controls and clamp a large hand over her mouth. “Excuse me folks, are you alright or do we need to send some emergency help?” The voice came from a metal box in the controls, clearing the lust induced haze from her mind. Completely calm Nathan pressed a button, “No everything is fine. We accidentally bumped the controls.” Even his voice was unaffected, as though they HAD just bumped the button, while she was reeling and dazed, as though they had come out of a cyclone! How could he be calm?  Did he not feel it, the fire between them?  Her pride was quickly bruising as he dropped the hand from her mouth and easily straightened his tie.  Had it only gone one way? She wasn’t about to stick around and find out.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to answer them for you!  Until then, keep on reading and I’ll keep on writing!


Kim K.

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