A cause near to my heart

I love my light-hearted, easy going romances.  I love to write them, read them, and hope some day to live one with a wonderful man.

I know that most people read romances to get away, to have a happy ending, to believe in the good of the world again.  I certainly do.  My greatest wish is that someday my words help someone to have a better day, put a smile on their face, perhaps even to believe in the power of love.

Most of the time I float through my day to day, avoiding all those less than perfect things in life, writing my ideas down on paper, keeping my head up and choosing to see the best around me.  If you know me personally, you will know that I can’t listen to angry words for long, and I can’t stay angry or watch the news, these things literally effect me on a physical level and drain my energy away.  So I try to surround myself with good things, happy endings, love, laughter and light.

But no matter how much I try and stick my head in the sand, there are those things in life that rear their ugly heads, and we must face them, whether we want to or not.  They are the unspeakable terrible things that we all wish would just fade away, but sadly no amount of happy thoughts or wishful thinking will make that happen.  Today I speak on one of those things; domestic violence and abuse.  

Laughing together in a perfect moment, a long time ago.

One of my very best friends, one of the loves of my life, was killed by a verbally and physically abusive monster, and while they could never pin it on him, I know he’s guilty, and that his heart is black; if he even has one.  She was only in her early 3o’s, and struggled for eight long months, in and out of intensive care and various hospitals before her tiny little body that had wasted away to nothing, finally gave way.  She fought long and hard but in the end had to let go.   They found her barely alive her last normal day, before all the doctors and medicine became her normal routine.   Her cell phone was on the floor beside her with the most disgusting words texted to her that I have ever seen, and on such a tiny screen, all from that thing that claimed to love her.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, miss her, wonder what life would have been like had she been allowed to stay.  Those tiny moments made magic when something strikes you as funny and you look over to think, if only she was here, she would have loved this!  She was my one woman cheering team, with the most beautiful smile you have ever seen, always keeping me going.  She used to say that I was the rock that grounded and kept us safe, while she was the balloon that floated both of us up to great adventures. We were a team, a balance, sitting on the see saw of life, laughing and crying as we pushed ourselves up and down.

People come into our lives for various reasons and her mission in my world was to love me unconditionally, and for me to do the same for her.  She would tell people I was the most amazing writer and I would respond, you haven’t even read anything I’ve written!  She would hug me then, and state that she knew it because of the way I told stories, how I made those everyday occurrences into something magical. She knew with her every fiber I would be successful as a novelist, no, a story-teller, one day.  She also knew that I was crap at poems and ordered me to stay far away from them. I have to concur on that point!

I will never forget my lovely friend, and I thank the higher powers that be for bringing her into my life, even for such a very short time.

So once again you wonder, what does this have to do with your writing Kim, and what is this cause you speak of?

 Less than a week ago, one of my own, a club member in this amazing world of Indie authors, bloggers, designers, and readers, was a victim of domestic abuse, along with her children.  She will remain nameless to protect herself and her babies but being so close to the big holiday she is worried she will not be able to give Christmas to her little ones.  In my mind she has escaped and saved her family, her bravery and selflessness a truly wonderful gift in and of itself.

My amazing online Indie family wants to bring a great Christmas to the kids, and I am in with both hands.  There is nothing more magical than a young child’s Christmas, especially when life has been less than fair.  Normally my donation money around this time goes to Toys for Tots, but this year I have contributed to this fund for our angel, who finally stood up, said enough is enough, and got away.

I have put $10 dollars in and for everyone up to the first 20 people that donate $5 or more then email me the receipt, (see below for the addy) will receive as a thank you from me, a copy of my Book The Last Chance, or any other .99 ebook from Amazon that they prefer.  I know not everyone’s cup of tea in reading is my brand of spicy, so I will allow another book of your choice.

Further more, if you so choose, I will enter you into a drawing to be a beta reader for my newest novel, Hedge Your Bets, which is coming out by the end of this month.  For those of you not in the indie or writing community, this means that you get to read it first, before it’s published.  Writers do it for the feedback and hopefully reviews on blogs and e-book sites, while readers love it because they get to put their two cents in about a new book, or they get to read their favorite authors’ book first.  When you are a big author, which I will be some day, this can be a big deal for the reading geeks like me!  Imagine being the first to read Carrie or the Davinci Code, before everyone else.

There is also a great auction going on right now for the family, you can find the link here.  The prizes up for auction are some amazing books and swag, donated by a very giving family of Indie authors and the community that supports those authors.  I have never felt more welcome than the welcome I received from the Indie author community, and they have become my new cheerleaders and support.  I understand that during this time of the year we have very tight budgets so if you can’t help monetarily perhaps you could share the link above on your Facebook.

Domestic violence is a very real disease that affects someone every 15 seconds in the United States, but together perhaps we can bring a smile to a few faces, and give them a piece of hope for the next day.

Because every child deserves a happy ending.

Cheers to you all!

Kim Kennedy

Please forward a copy of your receipt for the donation to KimberlyKennedyWrites@yahoo.comMake sure to black out any personal information that comes with the receipt!

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