New Year’s goals! (+Hedge update)

OK I’m a little late at this whole New Year thing so please excuse me but I’ve been very busy ironing out Hedge Your Bets, which you might be extremely pleased to know that it’s finally off to a new editor and beta readers!  I know this was supposed to be done by the end of December, I once again feel like a heel but between me wanting to make it as good as possible and a little editor trouble, it got delayed.  However, it’s in the end stages here, final lap if you will and I can’t wait.  Further more I have begun a little spin off from Hedge entitled Luck be a Lady, which is going to be a fun little romp for Terry!

Now then let’s get to Kim’s writing goals for the New Year!

1. I will work my hardest to get out 5 books in the new Year.

Hedge does not count as the bulk of the work was done in 2013.  So after Terry’s story, you’ve got four new books to expect from me.  What type of books?  Good question, but I can guarantee I am starting at least one series.  Perhaps I’ll be resurrecting the Rogue Series… and if you know this one then you have truly been with me for a long time!  (As in you are a friend or family member.  LOL!)  Perhaps I’ll be adding a few to the Hot Historicals library… or perhaps a new series about a Travel writer and her misadventures?  You just never know with my brain.  Either way it’s looking like a good year for me.

2. I want to make it to three signings!  As you know I am already doing Sinning with the Saints in Utah in August, please see the blog for more information.  I am also looking at a few in Texas and Phoenix.  And of course even though I will not be signing this year at LovenVegas I will in fact be there as a fan! Well maybe I could make it as a writer signing, if a miracle happens and one of my books goes the literary version of Platinum and someone picks it up for a film and they hire Benedict Cumberbatch as the hero… Whoops!  Sorry back to reality.  I apologize to any of my readers on the East Coast or further but I have to stay close to home this year.  I would suggest meeting up with me in Vegas.  Totally the party of the year and if one of my books hits the top 100 at Amazon, I will be buying Dom Perignon for all my fans at a party in the Chandalier Bar!  (Those that bring cover models or hot male celebrities will get a bonus glass.  You bring aforementioned male celebrity and I will buy you a damn Magnum of the stuff! LOL)

3. I would like to make it to 5000 Facebook likes on the Kimberly Kennedy page by the end of the year!  As of this post I have 676 likes, so less than 4500 to go!

4. I would like 50 people to sign up for my newsletter.  Hmm, better put that together then.  Hard to get people to sign up when there is nothing to sign up for.

5. I would like to make a profit on my writing by the end of the year.  This means selling, 5,000 books next year.

You will notice that there are a whole lot of fives going on!  I think 2014 is the year of the 5 frankly.  It’s fabulous!  OK enough with the alliteration!

Well there we have it my goals for this year.  I think it’s important to write out your intentions, it releases them out into the universe.  Yes I believe in all of that.  Oh and my favorite book on all this, Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser, can be found here.  Seriously it’s scary how many times I have done the things in this book and things have happened just the way I wrote them.


Happy New Year!  I leave you all with this lovely photo and wish you all lots of Romance in 2014, even if it’s just read.


Kim Kennedy


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