Interview with AJ Harmon!

Could life get any better?  This last weekend I got to sleep in, had a nice coffee and pastry breakfast, then headed to the pool for some nice bonding time with my mom.

Oh and did I mention this was all done in Vegas!?  Yes it was a great morning!


That evening I went to a Reba McEntire and Brooks and Dunn concert.  Mom and I were literally five rows away.  Life is tough I know.  Then went out with Dad and doubled my money on the Roulette wheel.  Just bet it on red people.


The best part of the day? My first interview!

It was with AJ Harmon for my big event in Portland this September!

It’s called Passion in Portland and I’m going to be there with some amazing authors!  Check out the events page here!  And if you are interested in seeing the interview, check it out here.


So Viva Las Vegas and all that.  Have a great week.


Cheers, Kim



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