About me

Kimberly Kennedy; a real life romantic heroine, still looking for love, one written word at a time.

Kim has always been a creative soul, bouncing back and forth between various crafts and arts. The only one she kept bouncing back to was writing. Being an only child meant creating her own worlds, full of characters that were a combination of people she knew and quirky qualities she thought more people should have.

She now lives in Denver while she waits on prince charming, kissing a few frogs along the way.   She’s having a blast vacationing, writing, trying out the amazing culinary and beer centered landscape that is Colorado, loving the mountains, and motoring around in her little grey Barbie car convertible. You can find her online at www.KimberlyKennedyWrites.com  or email her at KimberlyKennedywrites@yahoo.com

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