turnitin says i plagiarized but i didn’t

turnitin says i plagiarized but i didn’t

Reality: Turnitin has many options and settings for adapting to your various institutional, departmental, and individual needs. Instructors can decide to let students view their reports, allow students to resubmit and receive revised reports — or not.
Reality: Many students have stated that they like the fact that Turnitin helps maintain a level playing field. Turnitin protects students’ work from unauthorized use and gives students who want to do their own work a good reason not to share their work with others.

The source exclusion feature is generally used when a paper has been submitted more than once to Turnitin (possibly as draft submissions). Sources may also be excluded when an instructor agrees that students use a certain source for their writing.
Example 3 :
A student has copied and pasted a chunk of text into their paper, due to a lack of knowledge on the topic they are covering. Their similarity score is 20%. In comparison, another student who has a firm basis of knowledge for the same assignment and knows enough to gather information from several sources to quote and reference correctly has a similarity score of 22%. Both students will be shown to have matches against our database. However, one of these students copied directly from a website, whereas the other provided properly sourced quotes.

Turnitin says i plagiarized but i didn't

  1. Do not talk to any friends or school staff about the incident at this point – If you set forth your arguments in an in-person meeting and the teacher or professor still does not believe you, don’t talk to anyone else. Everything you write, state, or even tell a friend about the incident could come out at an academic hearing. These hearing are nothing like what happens in a courtroom. The school has the power to control the meeting according to the school handbook. And even then, schools routinely fail to understand or follow their own policies and procedures. This could lead to a disaster for a student accused of plagiarism.
  2. Hire an Education Law Attorney Immediately – The quicker an attorney is involved, the better the chance of avoiding the most severe penalties like suspension or expulsion. An education lawyer may be able to help you create a defense that could win at an academic hearing. They can help ensure the school follows policy and procedure which will give you the best chance at success.

There are several ways at the moment that Turnitin can be beat. However, Turnitin advertise that it is constantly updating algorithms to include these work arounds. This makes Turnitin one of the most used plagiarism detection tools by schools. Even if you manage to beat Turnitin, teachers and professors are becoming aware of its shortcomings, and double checking work with low or no matches at all. That being said, schools place a great deal of weight on Turnitin match results.

Turnitin says i plagiarized but i didn't
Professors suspect plagiarism based on the following two things:
You can also prove your innocence by preparing evidence for the professor to support yourself. Collect and compile all things like the drafts, notes and outlines you made for the assignment. This will help prove that you made efforts to do the paper yourself.

Generally, the study found that Turnitin was much more likely than competitor SafeAssign (which is part of Blackboard) to identify material as being potentially not original. But that finding shouldn’t necessarily cheer Turnitin. The researchers reported that many of the instances of “non-originality” that Turnitin finds aren’t plagiarism, but are just the use of jargon, course terms or the sort of lack of originality one might expect in a freshman paper. In other cases, the study found that Turnitin didn’t necessarily identify the correct source of plagiarized materials.
Finding False Positives