writers.work reddit

writers.work reddit

If you have these SKILLS, you are what we need:
– The knack to evaluate and come up with an effective solution to a simple or complex challenges or goals, may it be in your job to write or to manage accounts.

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Writers.work reddit
2. Choose a few subReddits in your niche to follow. Or use the subReddit search to find industries, topics, and trends, your ideal clients care about.

  • Letters of introduction
  • Query letters
  • In-person networking
  • Lead magnets
  • Organic SEO
  • Guest posting
  • Job boards
  • Content mills
  • Referrals
  • Social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Writers.work reddit
Of course, remember that these noble Redditors are still just beta readers; they’re not professionals, and are no substitute for trained editors!
Even if you don’t need any of the things I’ve discussed so far – that is, inspiration, information, and feedback – Reddit is still a great place to go to make friends, meet fellow writers, and establish useful connections. You’d be surprised by how many successful people have directly engaged with Reddit; luminaries from Barack Obama to Madonna to Neil DeGrasse Tyson have done AMAs on the website, meaning they’ve sat for a couple of hours and answered live questions posted by Redditors from around the world.

Writers.work reddit
However, it’s not a place to look for work or hire.
Users must use the [Hire Me] tag in their post tile or [Hiring] if they are looking to hire a writer.